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Interactive Holy Communion Liturgy

Part 2 - Ministry of the Sacrament

Purpose of this Page

The purpose of this page is to go through the 1928 Holy Communion liturgy as we use it for weekly worship gatherings at All Saints Church Pensacola. The aim is to help those who worship with us to understand the shape, flow, and purpose of the elements of the liturgy, define difficult terms, and explain why we do what we do (especially when we diverge from the rubrics (instructions) found within the 1928 order of service itself. Actual text from the service will be in bold and in green. Any words underlined will be a link to an external site, often for the Scriptures. This page is still under construction, so keep checking back as more is added to it!


Worship Order Overview

As we gather to worship, we commune with the Living God, who we believe is with us by His Spirit. We are active in gathered corporate worship through our songs, prayers, and gifts to God. The Anglican Holy Communion worship liturgy may be roughly broken into two complementary parts: the Ministry of the Word and the Ministry of the Sacrament. We receive from Him through His Word read and preached first and then through our reception of His Word adorned in the Eucharist (note – this Sacrament may be called “The Lord’s Supper” (as our Lord instituted this remembrance), or “The Eucharist” (meaning Thanksgiving), or “Holy Communion” (as through partaking we commune with Christ our Lord by the working of His Spirit and attest to the communion we share with one another through Christ)). This page will focus upon the Ministry of the Sacrament aspect of the service, with the Ministry of the Word found here.


Ministry of the Sacrament


This page is a work in progress. More info coming October 2020, so check back soon!

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